How it works?

Step 1

Worried about damaged Mobile. Dont worry we are here to help you out

•Give us a call we would assist you. Be certain to package the device carefully and tightly taking away all SIM/memory cards
be assured to provide the contact information, the phone data and responsibilities, backup your data while data may be vanished.
•Your repair should be finish within 1 To 2 days

Step 2

We Offer you a quote before we start

If you’ve not received quote from us, please make sure to receive your quote HERE
• we strongly help you out to get a price before you send us the device for repairs.
• If you are satisfied with our offer, be sure to submit your mobile phone or device

Step 3

Complete payment securely online

You can make payment online. Make payment securely via PayPal, Credit or Debit Card. We use only UPS Courier Services.

Step 4

We Repair and Test Your Device and return repaired device

We would repair your product and return fixed mobile. We can normally get you in and out in 60 minutes with some models taking only 20 minutes. Certain devices such as tablets take a slight longer. We return back your mobile within 3-4 working days
• If we flash your mobile, any data/information not stored on the memory will be removed –
• Please specify if
• Data is essential & you would like us to put on effort our best to save it although no promises can be made.
• We only repair the fault that your phone came in for, if we repair the phone & on
• Testing we
• Notice it has additional faults; you will be quoted separately for those faults.

Step 5

Returned Repair Device

•Finally we return your device. If we effectively repair your phone & the phone turns out to be
•Stolen we would return back your amount